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all i want for christmas is…

October 7, 2009


People, this is FOR REAL! Last night I was relaxing on the sofa, watching some TV and on came a commercial for the “Obama Chia Head”. At first, I thought this was a joke. This could not be for real? But, it is! I googled it and up came all kinds of links to buy the Obama Chia Head! Too funny! The commercial was marketing it in totally serious way, as it if owning one of these is thing of honor. Hilarious!  I think this is as low as the Obama craze has gotten(but not as bad as elementarty students chanting his name).  So, hope you all get one under your Christmas tree! I know I’ll be asking Santa for one–NOT! (hee, hee!)


i couldn’t resist…

September 26, 2009

a tax by any other name…mike’s america video

September 22, 2009

Mike, from Mike’s America put together this video and has some excellent “play by play” of the George Stephanopolous/Obama interview. George presses Obama a tad harder than usual on Obama’s “Deathcare” bill…but don’t hold your breath, cause I highly doubt we’ll see much real journalism from the “main stream media” regarding any of the issues that plague our Nation. The love affair that the media has with Obama is still burning strong. If you want to see some real journalism, you still need to tune into Fox News, as they are asking the hard questions and getting some disturbing answers. Thanks, Mike, for putting together an excellent video!

Another Reason To Love Ben Stein…As If We Needed Another Reason!

September 17, 2009

Below is a piece that Ben Stein wrote in The American Spectator.  It is a thank you note to Barack Obama for all he’s done to revive the ailing Republican Party.  It is a perfectly worded piece, which I think clearly sums up the frustrations and concerns that many American’s have with the Obama administration! Enjoy!

Thank You, Barack Obama

by Ben Stein

Dear Mr. President:

As a 64-year-old, lifelong fiscal conservative and Republican since Nixon, may I humbly thank you? In the eight months or so since you took office, you have succeeded in reviving a party, the GOP, that many had left for dead.

1) You have named men to office so wildly irresponsible, so extreme in their positions, so vulgar in their means of expression, that they have made the Republican Party regain its of gleam of gentility and good graces. I am not talking only about the tough guy/ballet dancer Rahm Emanuel, who screamed like a jilted drunken sorority girl at GOP leaders after Joe Wilson’s outburst (itself a disgrace) last Wednesday night. I am talking about a high White House official who called Republicans by a barnyard epithet at a public speech recently. This is the same guy who signed a petition to investigate whether the government caused 9/11 — itself a favored position of Neo-Nazis and other nut jobs. Thank you. I thought no one could outdo an appointment like Henry Paulson, Bush 43’s Treasury Secretary — but you have.

2) You have proposed a national health care plan so wildly extravagant, incomprehensibly complex and over the top that it makes President George W. Bush’s budget gaffes seem like blips — plus you have told fibs about it so immense that you have embarrassed yourself as a public figure:

• Obviously, no responsible leader in government thinks there are enough savings in Medicare to pay for national health insurance. That old canard — that you’ll pay for a huge program through cutting out “…waste, fraud, and corruption…” was old and lame and pitifully untrue in the days of John Adams. It is a bad joke now…unless, unless you really are planning to totally gut Medicare and basically end decent health care for the elderly. This has become a legitimate fear after last Wednesday’s speech. If you really do believe you can squeeze enough out of Medicare to pay for your health plan, maybe the “death panel” myth wasn’t really a myth after all.

• The idea that you can do a trillion dollar plus program with no new taxes and not add to the deficit and you swear that’s true is all too much like your promise to “…read every line…” of the federal budget to root out “fraud, waste and corruption.” (How are you doing on that reading, by the way?) Lies that big make the Grand Old Party — who also told whoppers about the effects of the Bush 43 tax cuts — look like Honest Abe. Thank you for being an even bigger tale teller than we were. You have given us the opportunity Clinton took away from us to make us look fiscally prudent. No one else but you could have done it. THANK YOU!

• No one who has ever been to the Department of Motor Vehicles, no one who has ever been audited, no one who has ever tried to get a Social Security problem corrected believes your fibs that your health care plan will not come between patients and doctors. When your bullying partners in Congress get your bill passed and Americans start to see what havoc you have wrought in the doctors’ offices and the hospitals, the party of Ronald Reagan is going to look awfully good.

• Thank you for creating a massive federal entitlement program that will push us closer day by day to national bankruptcy while you fiddle. Every large government entitlement program — Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid — is racing towards bankruptcy. Now, you have created a new one to sink the ship of state. A rescue party led by the Republicans will, sooner or later, look mighty handy to the voters.

Oh, and there is so much more — coddling Iran while it gets ready to nuke Israel, hugging the worst person in South America, our mortal enemy, Hugo Chavez, not demanding any accountability for the hundreds of billions you — and Bush 43 — handed out to the multi-millionaire bonus babies of Wall Street.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We thought we were down and out, and now you have given us a fresh start. You have, so to speak, let us hit the “reset” button on all of our messy recent history. You guys are so bush league, so to speak, you make us look like seasoned, sensible, prudent professionals. And it only took eight months. Thank you, President Obama, and we’ll look for more. You truly are the gift that keeps on giving.

Frank Caliendo Appears on Huckabee…Hilarious!

September 14, 2009

Frank Caliendo is an amazing impressionist! Personally, I think his Bush impression is amazing! I can’t wait to see his finished impression of Obama. This is a must see. Enjoy!

New Name and a New Leaf!

September 11, 2009

I confess that I have been a blogging slacker! I’ve been spending most of my time on Facebook. But I have decided to get back into the blogging groove. Also, I am “tweaking” the name of this blog. I’m changing it from “Conservative Warrior” to “Conservative Mama”. I feel like the new name fits me better and describes my life and political philosophies better. One of the main reasons I am interested in politics is because of my concern for what kind of country we are shaping for our children and how that will impact their lives. Thus the new blog name! Since it is also September 11th, I am linking to a video that is very touching and good reminder of that terrible day. May we NEVER forget! I fear that our country and it’s leaders is becoming so obsessed with “political correctness” that we are sacrificing our national security and our freedoms. Never forget 9/11 and WHO did this to us and WHO we are as Americans!

“You Were Warned”

August 11, 2009

Daniel Hannan (MEP) from the UK warns Americans of the dangers and failures of socialized healthcare. This is a must see! Americans are running into socialism while the UK is trying to run out of it!