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Jimmy Fallon’s HR3200 (Obamacare) Exercise Program!

July 28, 2009

Glenn Beck Interviews Himself–this is funny!

July 26, 2009

Glenn-beckRecently Glenn Beck “lost it” with a caller on his radio show. If you haven’t seen the video, it is a must see! One of the things I like about Glenn is that he is able to laugh at himself. Here’s a great interview that Glenn did of someone very famliar to himself! Click here! Enjoy!

Boxer Shows Her True Colors

July 22, 2009

Barbara Boxer is giving menopausal women a BAD name! Lighten up Boxer and PLEASE don’t forget to take your hormones next time!

This is a good one!

July 20, 2009

Palin Defends Her Young Daughter, As ANY Mother Would!

June 12, 2009

When this story broke I was not just astounded and offended by Letterman’s remarks regarding Palin’s daughter, Willow; but I was also offended as I thought about how I would feel if someone had said something like that about my daughter! That is why, whether you are parent or not, you SHOULD be offended by Letterman’s statements. I don’t get why there isn’t an uproar among conservatives as wells as liberals when a young girl is insulted and degraded on national television and people think it’s funny! Whaa???   As far as I am concerned this is not so much a political issue as it is a moral issue and the responsibility we all have to protect our children and the rights of children.  This illustrates the complete deterioration of morals in this country and the entire world! Palin owes it to her daughter to defend her publicly! That’s what I would do and I’m pretty sure most mothers would do that for their child!

Hannity/Palin Interview!

June 9, 2009

**If you didn’t catch this last night, here is Sean Hannity interviewing Gov.Sarah Palin.** Enjoy!

Reagan’s Speech Commemorating the 40th Anniv. of D-Day Invasion

June 6, 2009

In honor of the 65th anniversary of the D-Day invasion I thought this speech by Ronald Reagan was very fitting! Enjoy!